So as a whole this is my new thing, “Vaestrel” is my electronic music making persona that I’ve put together. A lot of the music here is heavily inspired by ambient trap producers such as AESTRAL and much more “hard-hitting” trap producers like Vowl.

You can probably see where I got the idea for the name from now. Anyways with that all out of the way, I thought people might like to see what I’ve been making for it.

The song here is set to release on the 25th onto Itunes and Spotify for anyone to buy or stream.

Delving Into Hip Hop/Rap

This track here has been worked on for the past few weeks, and I now feel comfortable releasing some kind of a rough mix to show the progress. The production style on vocals is largely different to the majority of commercial rap as they aren’t very dry, however they are quite clinically chopped up as you’d expect from other commercial rap tracks.

Soundcloud Link: (Picture unrelated, just stock image)